To all the Great Pumpkin Chasers out there!!!

It is with sadness I tell you that Young Life will not host the Great Pumpkin Chase this year. It has been 19 years of amazing fun, memories and seeing Jesus in fresh new ways! And, we should all be incredibly proud of our long history of churches, organizations and businesses working together to provide one of the best events of the year for youth in our community!!

I met with some key leaders in our city and collectively we believe that this is our best option for 2014. So what is the future of the CHASE?? It's up to YOU!!! The single biggest blessing for me has been the opportunity to work with so many community leaders and volunteers to plan and pull off the Chase each and every year. However, in the last few years, it has been harder to get this communitywide buy-in. It's understandable... everyone is busy, there are endless opportunities to get involved! So. If there is to be more Pumpkin Chases in the future, WE NEED YOU!

We will schedule a meeting after the 1st of the year to discuss the vision and possible future of The Great Pumpkin Chase next fall or beyond.

Please contact me directly at if you are interested in being in on the planning. promoting and leading this event in the future!!

THANK YOU!!! To everyone who has ever participated in or volunteered at The Great Pumpkin Chase!!

Dan Larson
PO Box 8443
Pueblo, CO 81008

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